High performance and aesthetic impact of excellence: Magnetti Building for the productive enlargement of fine foods pharmaceuticals

This is an extremely positive result for Fine Foods that, thanks to the professionalism and technical solutions adopted by Magnetti Building, has created its new buildings where technology is combined with aesthetic pleasantness.

The female entrepreneurship that realizes the family dream: Magnetti Building in partnership with Moretti Alimentari

An important project for Moretti Alimentari that, thanks to the collaboration of Magnetti Building, has managed to find the best solution for the construction of the new building. The result was a turnkey project, which guaranteed the control and coordination of all the works.

Top energy performance and temperature always controlled: Magnetti Building realizes the new headquarters of Carro Luigi Srl

An extremely positive result for Carro Luigi Srl, which thanks to the experience of Magnetti Building, has managed to find innovative solutions for the full success of the order, combining impeccable service and aesthetic pleasantness with maximum liveability and thermal comfort of the environment.

Training and Reserch & Development: this is how the collaboration between universities and Magnetti Building is constantly renewed

Partnerships with the University are clear signs of the company’s propensity for constant innovation, which brings new experience to emerging areas of prefabrication, such as the sector of redevelopment and custom components for construction and modern architecture.

Magnetti Building protagonist of the project for the enlargement of the CVB plant

Already a long-standing customer of Magnetti Building, CVB chose for the first time the turnkey solution, the construction of the complete building work, from the foundations to the roof. A real challenge for the company that finished the work, while the continuous cycle factory continued its activities without problems.

Magnetti Building designs and manufactores a multifunction roof for Tubi Gomma Torino

A special feature of the project is the roof, in which smoke evacuators, skylights and photovoltaic panels coexist. A classic TPO roof with spacers that, thanks to the system designed by Magnetti, becomes advanced and multifunctional, able to handle high fire loads.

The Magnetti Building photocatalytic panels naturally reduce pollutants

Self-cleaning, sustainable, versatile, long-lasting and require no maintenance. These are the characteristics of the prefinished panels used for the cladding of industrial buildings, constructed by Magnetti Building, capable of reducing several pollutants and, consequently, improving the ambient air.

Magnetti Building was present at the conference entitled “Effective and Efficient Redevelopment. The new challenge for the future of architecture”

Magnetti Building in collaboration with the local representative Stefano Scacchia live today from the conference entitled “Effective and Efficient Redevelopment. The new challenge for the future of architecture”, held at the Paul VI Pastoral Centre in Brescia, Italy.

Magnetti Building working alongside Steriline in order to create an innovative, latest generation floor slab

The greatest strength of this intervention is the TT GAMMA floor slab the main characteristics of which are the containment of its thicknesses, its design flexibility and finally its rapid construction.

Magnetti Building working alongside Valetudo to construct a UV-resistant building

The consultancy services and the technical expertise of Magnetti Building, together with the excellence of the solutions proposed, enabled Valetudo to design and construct a new building to be used as a warehouse.

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