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Developed by Magnetti Building in collaboration with the Department of Structural Engineering and Geotechnics of the University of Genoa, Acqua-stop© consists of a continuous waterproof TPO coating that is bonded to the roofing covering by electromagnetic induction, without the need to drill any holes.
On the outside it is clean and smooth: it is more pleasing to the eye than traditional coatings, it is highly weather-resistant, and it limits heat absorption during summer enabling added comfort inside the building.
It is stable and non-toxic, it adapts to structural movements, it is completely waterproof and can be integrated with photovoltaic systems.
The durability of the material, British Standard-certified, guarantees a coating life expectancy of approximately 25 years.


It is guaranteed by the continuity of the coating membrane over the entire roof covering and by the mechanical bonding of the TPO coating to the plate and to the underlying insulating-structure system, by means of pre-coupled metal plates, the positioning of which is calculated according to plan.

More specifically:

  • the bonding is calculated and sized for every individual building;
  • painstaking attention has been paid to the corners, in order to ensure the optimal continuity of the waterproofing power;
  • it is carried out by magnetic induction without the need to drill any holes. More precisely, on flat surfaces, a machine is used to bond the joints by exploiting the extremely high temperature, on the vertical surfaces, the membrane coating is anchored to the continuous metal bands.

The water conveyed outside, protects the inside from flooding and breakages, for example on floorings.
It also safeguards the assets stored inside the building, such as goods or machinery, avoiding any downtime necessary to carry out repairs or maintenance.
The waterproofing power has been tested by performing surface flooding tests.

Highly weather and UV ray-resistant.

Lower heat absorption in summer and good average temperatures both on the roof covering and inside the building itself.

An SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) value exceeding 100. The solar reflectance index of a roofing material measures its capacity to reject solar heat.
Materials with a high SRI value lower the surface temperatures of roofing coverings obtaining immediate and measurable benefits:

  • they reduce urban heat islands;
  • they improve the thermal comfort of buildings;
  • they reduce the amount of energy required for cooling purposes.

The clean, smooth, white membrane coating is pleasant to look at when compared to traditional roofing materials:

  • it can also be applied perfectly inside the roofing channel and foresees the anchoring of the plates also along the perimeter panels;
  • no need to drill holes on the roofing system;
  • the insulating and waterproofing layers are bonded to the concrete substrate.

It is non-toxic and anti-reflective, without any open flames throughout all production and application stages and it guarantees a high level of safety thanks to its dimensional stability, adaptability to structural movements and its weather and UV ray resistance.

  • its fire resistance is class E EN 13956:2012-certified;
  • the durability of the material, British Standard-certified, guarantees a coating life expectancy of approximately 25 years.

The application of insulating and waterproofing layers, bonded to the concrete substrate, simplifies adjustments and maintenance operations. Furthermore, Acqua-stop© guarantees:

  • greater durability of the roof coverings;
  • high quality and control of the bonding process;
  • easy performance of recovery and maintenance interventions;
  • rationalisation of the on-site finishing process;
  • immediate identification, thanks to the smart alert layer, of any surface anomalies and damage, highlighted by the emerging of the darker colour of the layer beneath.

The membrane coating makes it possible also to connect rainwater collection channels.
The system does not require any maintenance, except for periodic cleaning, one of the activities made available by Magnetti Building following the completion of the building construction.

The certification, issued by an independent, third-party body, ensures that all products are suitable for their intended uses and applications, and that they comply with the requirements specified in the relevant documentation.

By law, the waterproofing power of the roof coverings is guaranteed for 10 years. Magnetti Building guarantees the product performance and characteristics both for the 10 years specified by law and for the following 5 years, in the 10+5 year guarantee formula.

From roof coverings and underground works, up to hydraulic purposes, Acqua-stop© has been successfully used:

  • on the roof coverings of important international constructions, including Wembley Stadium in London, the Sha Tin Hippodrome in Hong Kong;
  • in the artificial snow basins for the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Turin.

In case of particularly restrictive demands regarding environmental impact, Magnetti Building proposes a versatile product that fully meets the customer’s needs. From an aesthetic point of view, the TPO can be customised: available in white, red or green, the chosen colour can become an element of distinction and recognition.

The Life Cycle Assessment is useful to evaluate the environmental performance of a product compared to a similar one; It quantifies the environmental pressure of a product throughout its life cycle: raw material extraction, production, use, disposal of the waste product.

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