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reliable and safe production.

The construction of buildings destined for production activities must take two fundamental factors into account: comfort and safety.

These are facilities, inside which, large-medium sized machinery can potentially be installed with the frequent movement of materials and people. For this reason, the stages of design and creation of these buildings must bear their overall and specific needs in mind.

Magnetti Building, thanks to its decades of experience in the prefabrication sector, puts its skills, technology and know-how at the disposal of the production sector that make it possible to guarantee comfort and safety while also paying attention to the aesthetic value of the buildings. The exceptional construction quality and the components used in the structure and finishes are a guarantee of its durability.

Not only comfort and safety. Magnetti Building represents a certainty in terms of production timeframes and costs. Thanks to the lump-sum contract, it is capable of guaranteeing binding, accurate and reliable costs, reducing management costs and production delays alongside an exceptional readiness to commence the work itself.

For this reason, Magnetti Building is the ideal partner for every construction project, with a perfect combination of safety, comfort and reliability.

Why you should choose us.

Following an accurate analysis of the customer’s needs, Magnetti Building assesses the technological solutions, also in terms of costs/benefits and presents a methodical forecast consisting of two-three solutions. Experience within this sector, proven by decades of professional activity, certifies the capacity of Magnetti Building to manage “lump-sum” contracts, the solutions chosen by the majority of customers.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CUSTOMER: definite costs ensure profitability.

150 progetti offerti ogni anno

95% contratti a corpo

35 ore uomo medio dedicato per progetto

+7 professionisti dedicati per ogni progetto

5 professionisti dedicati, in media, alla gestione operativa dal progetto al cantiere.

Thanks to laboratory controls and its automated concrete mixing plant, Magnetti Building can count on high quality concrete, guaranteed both for standard and customized mixtures. It constantly checks the quality of the raw materials and guarantees greater energy efficiency thanks to the white colour of the TPO, which reflects the sun’s rays. Quality and durability are also ensured thanks to the high level of insulation of all the horizontal vertical elements, the construction solutions that guarantee the building anti-seismic properties and the possibility of integrating the systems with technological systems.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CUSTOMER: lower running costs, quality and durability of the building throughout its useful life.

10+5 anni garanzia Acqua Stop

MENO costi di modifica layout di copertura

PIÙ risparmio energetico.

Magnetti Building has the possibility to realize non-standard elements thanks to a dedicated area of the plant and a high production capacity able to absorb peaks of work and requests for customization. It provides a correct estimate of the production times already in the proposal phase, with savings on site times and a detailed work programme for the different construction phases, through the management and control of the works and suppliers involved, which eliminates downtime.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CUSTOMER: certainty of starting your business on time.

120.000 m3 capacità produttiva
annua (pari a 500.000 m2 di costruito)

Calcestruzzo prodotto in stabilimento ogni anno equivalente a 10 grattacieli Pirelli

10.000 m2 al mese, velocità media di esecuzione per singolo cantiere

450 commesse gestite nell’ultimo triennio

Oltre il90% dei progetti consegnati entro la data prevista.

Magnetti Building guarantees the construction quality of all its components, standard and special. The finishes can be customized in color, shape and size, for buildings always up to expectations. Each concrete element can be combined with other materials, such as steel, wood or glass.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CUSTOMER: safe buildings of high aesthetic quality, implementable over time.

80.000 m3 coperture realizzate nel 2017

17% produzioni minime da standard di dimensioni e pesi

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