Redevelopment and maintenance

A building that looks like new, in terms of functionality, comfort and aesthetics

Magnetti Building recovers existing buildings and makes them safer, more beautiful and more efficient from the point of view of thermal and energy performance.

Redevelopment refers to structural or internal modifications, amendments made to new legislation in terms of safety, for example, of a seismic nature, as well as energy efficiency.

The following items fall within this scope:

    • smart infill walls, fireproof steel or aluminium cladding with high thermal and energy performance;
    • EASEE infill walls, innovative solutions for the energy redevelopment of particularly energy-intensive buildings constructed before 1975: these consist of lightweight prefabricated insulating panels made of TRM, a composite material with reduced permeability, high compressive strength and excellent mechanical performance;
    • anti-seismic interventions carried out starting from the dynamic analysis of the building, according to its age, the current legislation in force at the time of its construction and seismic classification.

Ordinary maintenance, generally carried out through a scheduled maintenance contract, covers the roofing, sealings, systems, skylights as well as indoor and outdoor protective paints.

Extraordinary maintenance regards structural interventions, safety assurance operations, special interventions carried out on structures, demolitions, redevelopment interventions following fire, collision or harmful events, dismantling and re-assembly operations, modifications, replacement of structures, lifelines and fall protection systems.


Redevelopment and maintenance


Redevelopment and maintenance


Redevelopment and maintenance


Redevelopment and maintenance


Redevelopment and maintenance
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