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In order to build a logistic complex, it is necessary to take many fundamental factors into account so as to define surface areas, volumes as well as the many different constructive solutions suitable for the specific intended use.

The dimensions must bear in mind the likelihood of any short and medium-term developments, with interventions that restrict logistic activities as little as possible, so as to ensure that the complex maintains operativity also in case extension works need to be carried out.

Planning is not possible without the analysis of the business sector of the products stored, subdivided and classified in relation to the dimensions, volumes, weight and handling frequency, both incoming and outgoing.

Magnetti Building is accustomed to this approach because it has built some of the largest logistic centres in Italy.

Moreover, it pays painstaking attention to the architectural value of the buildings: it customises the building elements, it combines cement with wood, steel with glass, ensuring that the structure blends with the surrounding landscape, also through the planning of green areas.

For this reason, each Magnetti Building project is unique and different from the others, with a perfect integration of aesthetics, quality and functionality.

Why you should choose us.

Magnetti Building assesses the constructive solutions also in terms of costs/benefits and provides the customers with several types of business plan.

ADVANTAGES FOR THE CUSTOMER: binding costs guarantee profitability.

35 ore-uomo in media per sviluppo offerta

+ 7 professionisti per progetto

+ 15 fornitori e specialisti coinvolti (geotecnico, strutturista, impiantista, serramentisti, geologo, ecc.).

Magnetti Building produces in a short time the elements of the construction and can absorb peaks of work and requests for customization.
The production times are correctly estimated already in the estimate phase.

The planning of the works is detailed and also includes the coordination of suppliers, to avoid downtime between the phases of the construction site.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CUSTOMER: certainty of starting your business on time.

120.000 m3 capacità produttiva annua (pari a 500.000 m2 di costruito)

92.000 m2 di superficie coperta in 9 mesi

30.000 m3 di edificio acqua a terra consegnato in 3 mesi

Magnetti Building extends the duration of the guarantees required by law, verifies the raw materials and uses a patented anchoring solution to adapt the construction to structural movements.

The roofing system with TPO guarantees waterproofing and does not require extraordinary maintenance; the lightened cupels reduce the costs of any modifications.

The Water-out system reduces sewage lines, diagonal tile cuts optimise roofing surfaces and high insulating power solutions ensure energy savings. Prefabricated systems can be integrated with technological systems.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CUSTOMER: lower running costs, quality and durability of the building throughout its useful life.

10+5 anni garanzia Acqua stop

Magnetti Building guarantees the construction quality of all its components. The finishes can be customized in color, shape and size, for buildings always up to expectations.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CUSTOMER: safe buildings, earthquake-proof and implementable over time.

80.000 m3 componenti standard prodotti all’anno.

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