Magnetti Building working alongside Steriline in order to create an innovative, latest generation floor slab

1 October 2018

Steriline turned to Magnetti Building for the construction of the building that hosts the company, in particular with regards to the construction of a particular floor slab, developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan.

Carvico (Bg), 1st October 2018 – Continuous updating and the intense Research & Development activities enable Magnetti Building to be at the forefront in all projects, providing innovative, made-to-measure solutions. As was the case relating to the construction of the Steriline headquarters: an architecturally advanced, anti-seismic, functional building intended for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The greatest strength of this intervention was the TT GAMMA floor slab, developed in partnership with the Polytechnic of Milan, which has already collaborated with Magnetti Building due to its particular propensity to innovation.

The main characteristics of this special floor slab are the containment of its thicknesses, its increased fire-resistance and finally its rapid construction. Founded in 1989, Steriline is a company based in Como, highly specialised in the production of complete lines for the aseptic processing of injectable products for pharmaceutical companies. An enterprise with particular operational need that require precise structural containment: an achievement skilfully fulfilled by Magnetti Building thanks to the use of latest generation Compact Floor slabs.
The presence of important loads within the Sterilie production cycle is one of the first aspects that Magnetti Building had to tackle on the project to construct this 2-storey building, by providing customised advice as well as solutions capable of best satisfying the customer’s needs.

The use of the TT GAMMA floor slab proved to be an innovative solution, capable of perfectly supporting the extent of company loads, also by reducing the number of columns present, therefore guaranteeing greater operational freedom thanks to the expansion of the workspace available. The particular floor slab was created by combining pre-stressed reinforced concrete beam elements with reinforced cementitious slabs and special fibre-reinforced concrete. An ideal solution both for the redevelopment of existing buildings and for new buildings with specific load and layout conditions. The entire building was then cladded with Magnetti panels, a guarantee of a company that makes its work its greatest passion, project by project.
A synergy of skills at the service of modern architecture, that results in yet another successful venture for Magnetti Building, always ready and willing to experiment innovative methodologies, with a mindset towards constant improvement and modernisation, without compromising solidity and complying with legislation.


The greatest strength of this intervention is the TT GAMMA floor slab the main characteristics of which are the containment of its thicknesses, its design flexibility and finally its rapid construction.