Top energy performance and temperature always controlled: Magnetti Building realizes the new headquarters of Carro Luigi Srl

23 April 2019

High energy performance and low heat absorption in summer for a constant temperature of 18° at any time of year. Thanks to the professionalism of Magnetti Building, selected by the company Carro Luigi Srl as a partner for the construction of its new building.

Carvico (Bg), 9 April 2019 – The continuous updating and the intense activity of Research & Development, allow Magnetti Building to be at the forefront of every project, providing innovative solutions tailored. This is the case with the construction of the new 1700 square metre shed for Carro Luigi Srl: a highly energy-saving building, thanks to the absence of heating in the production areas, which still maintain a constant temperature of 18°, both in winter and summer. The strength of this intervention is the Acqua-Stop® construction system, developed in partnership with the Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering of the University of Genoa, which already collaborates with Magnetti Building for its propensity for innovation. The main features of this special roof are its maximum impermeability, its high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays, its aesthetic quality, but above all its lower absorption of heat in summer for good temperatures in the roof and inside the building. All this will allow the creation of a clean room in the future, a controlled atmosphere environment, used as a laboratory to work to the micron with absolute precision.

Founded in 1977, Carro Luigi Srl was founded as an individual company for the design and construction, turning, milling and EDM of moulds for plastic materials. In the 90s, with the entry into the company of the owner’s sons, the offer expanded to include injection molding for the production of technical items for various sectors, from electrical-medical to fashion accessories, optics and eyewear. In 2018, Carro Luigi Srl expands its production space, adding a new headquarters in Rudiano that includes administrative offices, mechanical workshop, molding department, warehouse and shipping area. It is precisely for the realization of this new building that the competence of Magnetti Building comes into play.

The company’s requirement was to design a building with high energy performance, without the presence of a heating system in the production departments. If in winter, keeping the 18° inside the environment was relatively easy, thanks to the heat produced by the machines, the greatest difficulties were found in summer. The problem was solved through the construction of shed windows on the roof, so as to evacuate the heat upwards and at the same time illuminate the building without the use of electric light. In addition, the Acqua-Stop® roofing system, in addition to offering a 15-year guarantee on the roof and limiting heat absorption in the summer months, completely preserves the inside of the plant from flooding, safeguarding the machinery, without forcing costly production stops.

“I am very satisfied with the service offered by Magnetti Building, with the speed and professionalism of its team, which has perfectly respected the delivery times of the work, synonymous with great reliability and corporate solidity – says Alvise Carro, CEO of Luigi Carro Srl – We were looking for a particular building, not only in terms of performance, but also from an aesthetic point of view and, here, the portals signed Giugiaro have made the difference”.

An extremely positive result for Carro Luigi Srl, which thanks to the experience of Magnetti Building, has managed to find innovative solutions for the full success of the order, combining impeccable service and aesthetic pleasantness with maximum liveability and thermal comfort of the environment.