Grassobbio (BG), Italy
Ifl Intertrasport S.p.A. Grassobbio (BG)
Mr Perletti, Mr Poltronieri (Surveyors – Domus Engineering S.r.l.)

PURE VOLUMES FOR LOGISTICS AND OFFICE BLOCKS Magnetti Building is the ideal parter with which to create also the most ambitious, complex workplaces, in the fullest respect for binding timeframes. A sole interlocutor capable of managing also the most difficult challenges, with a competitive offer and state-of-the-art construction solutions that can fully satisfy the Customer’s expectations. Ifl Intertrasport, 11,000 m2 at the service of the logistics sector, was built in six months using the Tecnoplan 100 roofing element, thermal break panels, a smooth concrete bottom formwork and polished white marble grit surface finish.