Trescore Balneario (BG), Italy
Bena Costruzioni S.r.l.
Mr Michele Zambelli (Architect), Mr Giambattista Castelli (Surveyor)

In the suburbs of Val Cavallina in the Bergamo area, the project commissioned by Bena Costruzioni S.r.l., the new business, production and artisanal unit centre has been built in an area intended to become one of the main “gateways” to the Country. Simple, essential and geometric shapes characterise this complex for which the designers were inspired by the dictates of Neoplasticism. This has resulted in architecture that does not leave any scope for decorative contents, with the exclusive use of “non-colours” such as white and black, granting itself red (a primary colour) as the only distraction in the numbering of the main doors and the ogivea on the larger windowed surfaces of the building. The dynamism of the surfaces is given by the geometric mechanisms that emphasise the linear comobination of mullions and transoms.