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The construction sector has been in Magnetti Building’s DNA for two centuries.
Two hundred years of knowledge and know-how have consolidated the foundations of the company, enabling it to grow and develop technologies, to improve processes, explore sectors and to expand its range of action.

Starting from pre-finished, prefabricated precast concrete construction, the heart of its construction system, Magnetti Building has integrated planning and operational skills to provide complete, turnkey solutions, with a low environmental impact: logistics centres, buildings intended for industrial and commercial use, hotel and accommodation facilities.
Solutions studied right down to the last centimetre, suitable also to create even more complex architectural structures.These constructions can be rapidly built, with binding costs, thanks to the quality of the materials and manufacturing processes as well as the professionalism that has always distinguished this company.

Not only new buildings, but much more besides: the areas of intervention also regard existing structures that need to be recovered and redeveloped.

The fact that Magnetti Building has developed a total surface area of over 24,000,000 m2 is its best business card: this has taught it to run fast, driving it to become increasingly more future-oriented.

It values. The driving force behind our growth.

Constant attention
is paid to quality

Orientation towards innovation

Flexible organisation

Over the years, techniques, means and tools have changed. Both the market and the context have undergone change, yet the way in which Magnetti Building faces and fulfils its customers’ requests, achieving the expected results has remained the same.

Constant attention paid to the quality of the solutions alongside orientation towards innovation have always been the driving force behind its development. Its flexible organisation enables each of the cogs in its corporate machine to become aligned and to integrate, so as to meet market demands, in every context.

These elements result in high-performing solutions, created according to a binding timeframe and with complete control over costs, without incurring any unpleasant surprises when the work has been concluded as well as hypothesised profitability.

Without forgetting the painstaking attention paid to the aesthetics and architectural value of the buildings, that become splendid, comfortable areas, whatever their intended use may be, in which people can work and live better.

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