Our responsibility

Our responsibility

For Magnetti, building responsibly means putting passion, participation and common sense into every stage and context of the manufacturing processes, ranging between the planning stage carried out in the office to the on-site installation stage, fully respecting people, society and the environment, by focusing mainly along three main lines.

The first regards occupational health and safety.
Working at heights as well as roof maintenance activities are carried out in total safety, in accordance with current legislation. The roofing solutions are installed using fall protection safety nets, to protect workers during the assembly and finishing stages of the works.

The second refers to the sustainability of the buildings.
Magnetti Building has adopted the LEED system, the most authoritative, well-known sustainability and energy certification standard in the world. The system assesses the environmental, economic and social impact of a building throughout every stage of its life cycle: planning, construction and management.

The third relates to energy performance.
The buildings created have performance levels that are 50% higher when compared to the standard values of reference.


The most widespread, reliable network of international certification bodies. Member companies are recognised at a global level and can gain access to markets worldwide, simplifying the certification process.


Certified Company Quality Assurance System regarding the design and production of structural precast concrete elements, their transport and assembly and the execution of finishing activities accessory to the prefabricated buildings.


Member of the Green Building Council Italy, promoter of the LEED system, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

ICMQ n°PC 055

Certification of energy conformity specificationsof concrete panels in accordance with the M.I.C.A. Ministerial Decree dated 02/04/1998.

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