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“Out of the box” architecture.

During the design of an architectural structure, the choice of every element is of paramount importance.

The creation of a new project can arise either from a particular need or a purely artistic vision, yet in order to distinguish itself, it must always fulfil requirements such as uniqueness and aesthetic quality. This combination includes the potential of prefabrication that reveals itself to be unexpectedly versatile and suitable also for the construction of innovative architecture.

Starting from the customer’s needs analysis, Magnetti Building provides the most suitable solutions so as to create unique, exclusive constructions, thanks to the customisation and flexibility of prefabricated solutions, that make it possible to replace or integrate the structure into a project while the construction process is still in progress, with all the advantages that this may bring.

Moreover, prefabrication offers greater constructive possibilities thanks to unique solutions and materials as well as their integration with other construction systems such as wood, steel and glass. In order to give shape to the architectural concept, Magnetti Building expands its design possibilities, such as the control of shape, dimensions and tolerances or the use of special kinds of concrete for functional and aesthetic specifications that cannot be produced while the works are in progress, or, the assembly and dismantling of the structure proposed or the creation of a prefabricated system to be replicated in order to obtain an aesthetic rhythm in the construction.

Magnetti Building guarantees quality and aesthetics in every architectural project, thus resulting in an optimal choice in the creation of unique concepts of great artistic value.

Why you should choose us.

Thanks to its capacity to listen to its customers’ needs as well as the passion for new challenges, Magnetti Building assesses technological solutions also in terms of costs/benefits, by providing a unique, customised solution.
The creations of innovative architecture bear witness to Magnetti Building’s capacity to manage, also in this context, “lump-sum” contracts.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CLIENT: definite costs also for out of the ordinary solutions.

10 progetti offerti ogni anno, analizzati e valutati con formula Chiavi In Mano

95% dei contratti “a corpo”, con assunzione di rischio

35 ore-uomo medio dedicato per progetto

+7 professionali dedicati per ogni progetto

5 professionisti dedicati, in media, alla gestione operativa dal progetto al cantiere

Personalizzazione dei dettagli al centimetro.

The great potential of the production site in Carvico (BG) guarantees the customer a speed of realization and certain times of construction even for projects out of the ordinary. A flexible and fully automated factory guarantees the high quality of the products produced with constant and continuous control, and extends to the laying phases directly on the sites.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CUSTOMER: guaranteed quality and repeatability for a unique project, sewn on the customer’s dream.

120.000 m³ capacità produttiva annua (pari a 500.000 m2 di costruito)

Calcestruzzo prodotto in stabilimento ogni anno equivalente a 10 grattacieli Pirelli

10.000 m2 al mese, velocità media di esecuzione per singolo cantiere

56 giorni dal contratto alla consegna, per la costruzione del Padiglione architettonico Turkmenistan Expo.

Magnetti Building guarantees definite timeframes even for unique solutions. Through analysis and project is able to offer the customer a unique and detailed service with certain timing even for innovative projects. The management of the factory, integrated with the management of the site, makes Magnetti Building a unique and specialized partner able to offer customers reliable and reliable answers in terms of planning and implementation of the project.

ADVANTAGE FOR THE CUSTOMER: definite timeframes even for projects out of the ordinary.

347 elementi diversi

123 raggi di curvatura

8 nuovi casseri

2.892 deviazioni elettriche

2 elementi rifatti

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