Luisago (CO), Italy
Panzeri S.p.A.
Mr Dario Valli, Ms Rossella Caspani (Architects)

Founded in 1968, today, Panzeri S.p.A. is a leading company in Italy within the manufacturing sector of systems with a strong orientation towards innovative energy-saving technologies and the use of alternative energy sources. As for the new Company headquarters, it was decided to integrate also the management division into the building so as to create an all-in-one solution with respects to the area dedicated strictly to productive activities. From here came the idea to consider the “industrialised box” as a container by overcoming volumetric rigidity and integrating a rather complex space system into the building itself. With regard to the construction of the building, natural materials were opted for; these were treated with the utmost sobriety: burnished larch slats for the louvers and main façade; industrial oak slats for the flooring; natural or treated iron for stairways and different finishes.